About Us

On the edge of the Southside of Glasgow lies Mansewood High Allotments, a place where the local community have grown fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs since 1951. 

How is it organised?

The site is run directly by its plotholders, who each rent a growing space from the Mansewood Allotment Association. The association in turn rents the site from Glasgow City Council. 
Each year, at the AGM, a new committee is elected, and these volunteers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the site. This includes the coordination of general site maintenance, woodchip and manure deliveries, pest control, events, finance, and site administration. As Mansewood is focused on community, all plotholders are also expected to carry out at least 4 hours of community work on the site each growing year. 

Having a plot on the site

Mansewood has different sized plots to suit all levels of experience, knowledge, and ability - from full-size and half-plots, down to quarter-plots. In all there are over 50 plots on the site, with plans to potentially expand the site in the future. Plotholders pay an annual missive fee and an association membership fee. The missive fee is dependent on your size of plot, ranging from £10 to £40. The association membership fee is £10, and this goes towards maintaining the site, running events, and includes the cost of free woodchip and manure for all plotholders. 
When you take on a plot at Mansewood you agree to abide by our rules and by-laws, in addition to ensuring that your plot is worked to a reasonable standard throughout the year. Allotments can take a lot of work, so you need to be committed!

Open day traditions

At our annual Open Day, all plotholders take part in a vote to award three special trophies.  The Chrysanthemum Cup is awarded to the new plotholder who has made the most noticeable progress since taking on their plot. The Mansewood Cup is awarded to the plot which is considered to be the most beautiful. The Spirit of Mansewood Trophy is awarded to the plotholder who has put in the most communal effort on site over the year - and who therefore embodies the Spirit of Mansewood!