A year in the life of a new plot-holder

It’s been almost a year since eighteen new plots were added to Mansewood High Park Allotments. This series will look at the progress made by Mansewood’s newest plot-holders who have taken up residence since the expansion.

Plot 9 – Lizzie

I joined the allotment at the end of May 2021 and chose plot number 9. I had almost no previous gardening experience but I decided to use the no-dig method – as recommended by my dad, who is a Charles Dowding fan! My priorities when I was starting out were to plan where my paths and beds would go, and to build a composting area. For me, the best thing about having an allotment is the sense of wellbeing it gives me – the plot is my happy place! My favourite crops last season were definitely beans and peas – they were really easy to grow and I was harvesting them for months! This year I have a spot in the greenhouse so if I have any success with tomatoes they might take the top spot.